Inspirational LI'TYA

Li'Tya meaning "Of the Earth"

Li’Tya products and treatments are inspired by the tradition and wisdom of the native people of our land.


Li’Tya, meaning “of the earth”, is a product range grounded in Indigenous Australian Dreamtime Culture combined with other modalities such as herbalism and aromatherapy.  The honour  and respect  for the Indigenous People of Australia, who shared their knowledge and their wisdom, made it possible to create a new brand of cosmetics and treatments based on formulas and tradition passed on by the Native Elderly’s.

All signature treatments and Li’tya products are 98.5% natural and wherever possible the company sources organic ingredients. Most of its native plants are sourced from Australian Indigenous Foods – a co-op that buys from Aboriginal communities throughout Australia. In addition, a percentage from all Li’Tya profits is channelled into bolstering Aboriginal culture and education.

In 2000 an Aboriginal Advisory Board was established to oversee and guide Li’Tya’s interaction with various Aboriginal communities around Australia and in other parts of the world where Li’Tya offers its goods and wellness practices. It has the authority to liaise, advise, recommend, educate and inspire to be the foundation of Li’Tya.

Honoring Ancient
Aboriginal Lore
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