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27 Mar 2018

International Journal of Food Science Nutrition in 2014 Declared Ginger as one of the very few “super foods” actually worthy of that term.

Ginger is world renounced for its wonderful medicinal properties and it’s amazing health benefits.

It has been used for thousands of...

15 May 2017

Statin Drugs are the Poison

Cholesterol is the most controversial topic of modern medicine particularly because statin drugs are the biggest money makers of all time.

Your body and especially your liver makes all the cholesterol you need and circulates it through the blo...

5 May 2017

It has NEVER been scientifically proven that cholesterol causes a heart disease.

There are no diseases created by cholesterol, there are some diseases that will create high cholesterol but high cholesterol by itself is harmless.

There is a correlation of heart disease an...

1 May 2017

"I am an unruffled, proud and outspoken pioneer of wholistic naturopathic medicine."

— Dr. Peter J. Glidden, BS, ND

 Following the latest scientific research of Dr. Wallach BS, DVM, ND, Dr. Las, Ma Lan MD, MS, LAc and Dr. Gerhard N. Schrauzer PhD, MS, FACN, CNS in their...

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